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Idecomic in English

Instituto para la divulgación y el Estudio del Cómic y la Ilustración
Institute for the Comics Study and Dissemination it’s a cultural initiative driven by Christian Osuna, Borja Crespo and Ricardo Mena, profesionals with extensive experience in the 9th Art.

Graphic Novels remains largely unknown to the general public, even those who read comics in his spare time. The sweet moment that comic is living in Spain and world wide is the perfect excuse to learn more and spread his virtues. This is the main objective of IDEC, Institute for the Comics Study and Dissemination, assisting with various projects of a cultural an emerging media, modern and free, surprisingly evolves, according to the times, taking advantage of advances technology, reflecting what happens in our society.

In its 100 year history, remains to be done for the study and research of the comic. IDEC wishes to do its bit in this regard. IDEC has the support and encouragement in the sector and the institutions to be approached. It is the result of years of work in this direction by its promoters. The idea is to walk every idea put together by hard work, with the resources we have and the possible synergies.

IDEC immediate projects are:
-Creating reading points and rooms in institutions and public spaces. In collaboration with agents of the architecture and interior design.
-Study and cataloging of historic authors, works, publications and publishers.
-Cataloging of publishing today. Focusing on Madrid comic publishers.
-Audiovisual projects for Movies and TV: A television program and a documentary on comics.
-Cultural management projects: dynamic industry and professionals." Academic and professional events and conferences.

IDECÓMIC arises from the union between three people with extensive experience in the 9th Art:

Christian Osuna developed from 1997 to 2004, under the label Under Cómic, an intense editorial and communication work about the culture of comics. In addition to publishing new authors who are current reference in the media, held an information project and comics journalism that continues today through the radio show La Guía del Cómic (10 years on the air weekly). He has also worked in other areas such as infant-child communication (Ediciones en Babia) or Architecture and Design (Experimenta and Pasajes Diseño magazines), as well as collaborating with other media as a journalist (RNE, El Duende, Instituto Cervantes, etc.), and in the field of Marketing and Advertising for over two decades.

Borja Crespo has spent over fifteen years writing comic in various media (El Correo, Vocento Group, El Mundo, El Manglar...), and coordinates programming and activities in Salón del Cómic de Getxo since its inception almost a decade. Last year was nominated for the Salón del Comic de Barcelona Awards. As Subterfuge Comix editor, launch authors actually in vogue as Fermín Solís, Javirroyo, Paco Alcázar, etc. It is also an author, has published several references, the latest "Cortocuentos (Astiberri) with drawing Chema García. He has published several books and handled as a specialized producer and director in the audiovisual field (arsenic PC). He has directed film festivals, is a consultant and programmer in various events and imparts his knowledge in workshops, roundtables, workshops and master classes. He directed the short film "Snuff 2000" based on the universe of known cartoonist MA Martin.

Ricardo Mena is also editor and journalist specializing in comics (Man, Primera Linea Magazines, Soitu.es...). Possessing extensive experience in the field of NeoCon, currently works as a community manager, has dedicated its efforts and environmental activist to raise awareness in our country difficult authors, set in the independent comics. It boasts a flamboyant career as editor of the legendary fanzine Cabezabajo (prizes for best fanzine in Expocómic 2005 and Salón Internacional del Cómic de Barcelona 2006) and the editorial direction of the same name. Indefatigable blogger, Ediciones Balboa, and Domino Collection by Dolmen Editions also belongs at his career.

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